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Afghanistan Transit Services

Afghanistan Transit Container Clearance services

Pakistan - Afghanistan Transit Trade Agreement (also known as APTTA) is a bilateral trade agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been renegotiated several times. The treaty signed and gave Afghanistan the right to import duty-free goods through Karachi.

We are one of the leading specialists in Container, Trailer, Heavy Transport and Afghan transit, with a nation-wide net work. We are in business since 2010.

Cumulative experience of professionals with profound knowledge of this from their respective background, Because of our vast regional network, we offer customized transpiration solutions.

Special FCL transportation For US Army and ISAF
Consulting of transshipments
Transportation of LTL, FTL and bulk cargo
Transportation 20`dry - 40`dry - 20 Reefer 40` Reefer Containers
Customs Clearance Especially for cross border transportation customs formalities and border clearance
Procedures from Pakistan to Afghanistan
Complete Logistics Programs (warehousing, documentation, and handling)
Special transportation of heavy weight, over-sized cargoes
Contract-logistic procurement and distribution
Real time status report

The following are the routings for cargo destined to various destinations in Afghanistan:

Via Karachi, Peshawar & Quetta

The nearest Sea Port for Import of Cargo into Afghanistan is Karachi, Pakistan.

Pakistan is in the most advantageous position for Afghan Transit Trade, (APTTA) where Port of Karachi plays a major role as hinterland port and "GATEWAY" to Afghanistan.

There is no rail network in Afghanistan and all trade is conducted by land route from Pakistan. Cargo for Afghanistan in Transit via Pakistan (Karachi Port) is exempted from Customs Duty and Taxes in Pakistan. However, a special Custom Cell processes the transit documents cargo at all Karachi Ports.

All cargo i.e., containerized or break-bulk is forwarded by Road from Karachi to the Custom Posts at following location.

1. Peshawar / Torkham for Cargo destined for Jalalabad / Kabul / Bagram.
2. Quetta / Chamman for Cargo destined for Kandahar / Herat / Lashkargah.

Required documentation is carried out at Customs Post, after which the cargo / container crosses the border with the laden trucks to Afghan Customs Post at Torkham, Jalalabad, Kabul or Kandahar as the case may be. MMIPK offers services for door delivery inside Afghanistan and performs Customs clearance & Unloading arrangements at Jobsite / destination inside Afghanistan.

We have regular service from Karachi to Afghanistan for various cities by trucks i.e. Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif , Tarin Kot Afghanistan. Air Sea Worldwide Logistics offers a hassle-free one window-operation for your goods under transit to Afghanistan via Pakistan.

Required documentation is carried out at Custom Post, after which the cargo/container crosses into Afghanistan. Having crossed the border the loaded trucks to the Afghan Custom House at Torkham, Jalalabad, Kubul or Kandhar as the case may be. Air Sea Worldwide Logistics offers services for door delivery inside Afghanistan and performs customs clearance & unloading arrangements at Jobsite / destination inside Afghanistan.

Land Routes for Transit to Afghanistan - Kabul

Karachi to Peshawar

Karachi Port – Hyderabad – Moro – Noshera Feroz – Ranipure – Kherpur – Karamabad - Sukkur By-Pass – Ghotki – Goth Machi – Sadiqabad – R.Y Khan by pass – Zahir Peer – Ali Pur – Head Panjna – Sardar Garh – Muzafar Garh – Sarwar Shaheed Chowk – Chowk Azam – Fateh Pur – Shahra-e-Muhajir – Dulle Wala – Mianwali – Sadaqat Abad – Musa Khel– Talagung – Bal Qasr - Peshawar.

Karachi to Peshawar - New Double Superhighway Metal Road.

Total Distance = 1,485 Kms.

Peshawar to Torkham Pak-Afghan Border Peshawar – Khyber Tribal Area – Jamrud Fort – Ali Masjid – Gurgura – Sultan Khel – Landi Kotal – Khyber Pass– Torkham Pak-Afghan Border. Total Distance = 55 Kms.

Torkham (Pak-Afghan Border) to Kabul, Afghanistan

Torkham Border – Gumrock – Jallalabad – Kabul. Total Distance = 303 KMS Karachi to Kabul = Total Distance = 1,843 Kms (Approx).


Karachi to Quetta

Karachi Port – Hub Choki - Gadani – Vinder – Uthal – Bela – Wadh – Khuzdar – Sohrab - Kallat – Mustang – Quetta. Karachi to Quetta - New Superhighway Metal Road.

Quetta to Chaman Pak-Afghan Border

Quetta – Kuchluck Town – Yaro Town – Qila Abdullah Town – Shalabagh Mountain Area – Chaman City – Chaman Pak- Afghan Border.

Chaman (Pak-Afghan Border) to Kandhar, Afghanistan

Chaman Border – Waish – Spin Buldak Town – Mall Bridge– Argasan Bridge– Kandhar Airport – Kandhar City. Total Distance = 913 Km